E4 Tweet
One of the tweets from our community management

We were tasked with creating a new, more workable social media strategy for UK broadcaster E4.

Instead of delivering a huge deck at the end of the project, we opted for a hands-on approach in which we split the project into phases and held workshops or working sessions on a weekly basis.

To ensure that the hypotheses we had based on the findings of a social audit were correct, we community-managed the main E4 social accounts for 5 days to test them out. In that space of time we  took Twitter engagement up over 40% and on one day alone got over 250k organic Twitter impressions.

We also established a Tumblr presence, created content strategies for each channel and ran workshops on creating real time content, curated content, community management and social media process.

We introduced the the team at E4 to fandom and how it could be used to their advantage to create a more engaged community.

On completion of the project we delivered the E4 social media playbook, which is their current social media guidance.